How does the xR Fiber app handle overloaded samples?

The application reads a minimum of 20 fields no matter what the situation is. If by 20 fields (or any field thereafter) 50% of the fields have been discarded due to occlusion, a pop up menu will appear.

At this point, you can either continue the analysis (if you don’t believe the sample is entirely overloaded) or to abort analysis which will return a result of Overloaded in the report log.

The microscope has moved off of the sample, what should I do?

Please pause the current analysis, manually move the sample back into an appropriate position and resume the analysis. In order to prevent this, be sure to use the xR Fiber sample template to prepare your samples (see User Guide).

All of the images are out of focus, what’s wrong?

There are a few possibilities here; let’s go from easiest to fix, to hardest:

• There could be dust between the camera and eyepiece.
Please remove the phone and use compressed air to blow any dust away from lens of the eyepiece (note: do not shake can or hold any way but vertically upward)

• The microscope could be out of focus when the analysis begins.
Please be sure that the sample is in good focus before you start the analysis.

• The phase rings are out of alignment.
To check this, please refer to “Phase Ring Alignment” procedure in the User Guide.

• The sample surface is uneven beyond the range that xR Fiber can accommodate.
If given the “Inconsistent Slide” pop up menu, you can bring the sample into good focus and select continue if you believe the sample is still readable by the unit, or you can cancel the sample and read it manually, as you choose.

Can I use xR Fiber with a separate microscope to the one provided?

It is not possible for xR Fiber to be used with any other microscope than the one provided.

The version of the xR Fiber app provided with the kit is calibrated for the motorized microscope in the kit and must not be deviated from.

Can I use xR Fiber on a separate iPhone to the one provided?

It is possible for the xR Fiber app to be used with any iPhone 7/8 or iPad Pro 10.5″.

The app must be downloaded from the App Store, and a redeem code entered in order to have access to tests. To obtain a redeem code, contact our sales team.

The image I see in the eyepiece looks substantially different from what is on the screen, what do I do?

While there will naturally be some difference between what you see on the screen and what is in the eyepiece (as the camera is locked to a level of zoom to allow the for the digital graticule to accurately mirror the one in the eyepiece) this could mean the cradle and C-mount are misaligned.

This is easily resolved by loosening the screws attaching the cradle to the mount and then the screw that adjusts the C-mount position. This allows both the cradle and the mounting to slide freely.

With the phone in the cradle, compare the debris field on the screen to that in the eyepiece. By either lifting or dropping the mounting parts you can adjust the alignment of the scope until the debris field appears the same in both the eyepiece and on the screen.

When I load the app, the camera shows nothing (black). What do I do?

First, make sure the microscope is on, the field iris diaphragm and condenser iris diaphragm are set to allow the appropriate amount of light through.

Next, check the turret to ensure that the correct objective is in place above the sample.

Lastly, check the phase ring holder and make sure it is properly centered inside the condenser.

Why can’t I press the buttons on the analysis screen sometimes?

This is because the “Connected to Microscope” notification is up. You must wait for it to dismiss itself before you can use the buttons.

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